After a summer-long hiatus from reading anything but blog posts, I’ve finally fallen back in love with books. I just finished Johannes Cabal The Necromancer by Jonathan L. Howard and Reboot by Amy Tintera and was delighted to find out they each have sequel! I will be writing a longer review for each of them, but for now:

Johannes Cabal The Necromancer is a macabre delight. Howard’s prose is intelligently sarcastic, always finding something ironic and humorous in the most serious of situations. The protagonist Cabal is an angsty yet determined villain, who despite all his despicable acts, still finds a way to be a sympathetic character. Quite a feat!

Reboot is a unique addition to the well-saturated Young Adult Dystopian Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre, borrowing recognizable wisps of zombie lore and placing it within the context of medical experimentation and the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Though the intended audience is obvious at times by the simplicity of the prose, I still found myself fully absorbed into Tintera’s post-apocalyptic world and the plight of her characters. I could barely put this book down and read it in less than two days. Fans of Marie Lu’s Legend series might love Reboot even more, since the characters, world, and plot are more developed and unpredictable.

I’ve also just finished the third season of The Walking Dead (huge kudos to the scriptwriters, editors, and sound production team, especially for the last few episodes — this was an excellent comeback after the dragging, dead plot and characters of season two) and am currently reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.


P.S. What have you been reading? What do you recommend I read next?


Favorite Fictional Foods Come to Life!

I have discovered a new blog whose pages I’ll be haunting frequently. Do you remember reading Lord of the Rings and wishing you could taste Lembas or take part of the great Hobbit feasts? Or what about the Redwall series: feast after feast after glorious 10-page feast. This blogger/book reviewer is making those wishes come true! Despite a day job, they spend long hours researching historical recipes and toiling in the kitchen, making fictional foods come to life. Then they share their detailed, custom recipes, fully equipped with photos and delicious descriptions.

The Butter Beer recipe (from Harry Potter, of course!) will be my first try. I think October will be the perfect time to have a marathon movie night, surrounded by flickering candles, and mugs of butter beer to warm us up.

Food Through the Pages



I’ve never really held with the idea that the Butterbeer in Harry Potter is basically some sort of cream soda. No way. To me, that’s a very American interpretation, with artificial flavoring, and so much sugar that it becomes horrible.

My approach, probably unsurprising to many of you, was to dip into the historical cookbooks for my inspiration. And lo, from the late 1500s, there’s a recipe for “Buttered Beere”. Clearly this was what I needed to try.

My first reaction to the finished historical brew was one of surprise: The smell doesn’t quite match the flavor, so the first sip is not what you’ll be expecting. It almost smells like a sweet dough, as you might make for cinnamon rolls, with that combination of yeast, butter, and eggs. However, the flavor itself is one of creamy, spiced beer, with all the residual hops and tinge of bitterness…

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