Last days are approaching! Oh noes!

Manuscripts and Red Marks

…and it feels like Doomsday. I am really going to miss Berrett-Koehler. Hopefully I can get some more profiles written out so you can all meet the endearing and quirky characters that populate this house of publishing (and much literary nonsense).

This feels so final, especially since I just sent out several emails for my last meetings with staff, including the one below to Jeevan (click image to magnify)…my last days are in print! It’s for real now! *runs off and sobs in a corner*

*dries tears with a Kleenex and gets over herself*

In other news, I’ve found two promising manuscripts after a pile of rejections. The one I found today compelled me to keep reading despite my tired, Friday-spacey mind. The author did her job in research, editing, and presenting a clearly organized narrative. In Jeevan’s words, I “appreciate the diligence and effort” she put into it. He’s…

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