Cafe time!

It’s the end of my Spring Break, and where am I? At New People Cinema Café in Japantown, trying to finish my huge load of homework before next week begins. All my well intentioned plans to study every day and get this all done before the weekend went out the window and was dissolved by all the pouring rain and then frozen forever by the freezing cold night air. Yes, the weather and I have been having a love/hate relationship. I love cold, rainy weather, as long as I myself am not cold. And living in an attic, I am often cold. There is no insolation! Heat only rises as far as the top of the stairs, and then just hovers there. From the top step to the landing, I feel a complete change in temperature, from mmm to brrrrr. The top item of clothing in our closet is sweatshirts. The next is warm fuzzy socks.

But back to the café. When I arrived here, there were only a few people, but for the last hour the room has been packed for some large event, a “Clue” kind of game called “Escape from Werewolf Village.” Groups arrive, fill up the café, and then disappear up the stairs following a guide. A great opportunity for people watching…

…or I suppose I could go back to my homework. *sigh*

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